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Welcome to KI-WAY Natural Energy

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KI-WAY Natural Energy is made by three key ingredients to provide a natural boost of ENERGY with a high ANTIOXIDANT and HYDRATION properties.

Maqui Berry

Maqui berry  thrives in the harsh climate in the Patagonia region, one of the cleanest places on this planet. Traditionally consumed by the Mapuche Indians to boost their immune system.

The Mapuche Indian is the only unconquered Indian in the entire American continents. According to a Spanish document recorded in the 18th centuries, the Mapuche warrior drank a fermented beverage made from maqui berry call “Chicha” several times daily, which may have contributed to the extraordinary strength and stamina that the warriors exhibited.



For centuries, Brazilian tribes like the Sateré Mawé and the Guarani  have selectively bred and carefully cultivated Paullinia cupania to produce the most potent seeds. In the local language “guaraná” translates as “the beginning of all knowledge.”
The guaraná drink is renowned for its healing and energy-boosting properties prepare by tribes as a stimulant that hunters use to give them energy before heading out for the hunt.



Pink Himalayan Salt

A couple of hundreds of millions of years ago crystallized sea salt, now deep within the Himalayans, were covered by lava, snow and ice, that kept it a pristine environment and protected the salt from modern-day pollution. Thus, Himalayan Pink salt is the purest salt to be found on earth. It is now hand-mined from the mountains and brought to the culinary market.



As a martial artist and athlete, I have always pushed myself to go beyond my limits. For this reason I have deeply investigated the main factors to enhance human performance and have found that one of the key factors is nutrition.

Shooting action sequences require intense rehearsals and long days of physical performance to the maximum capacity. ————

I decided to create my own energy drink using only natural ingredients. Ki Way will not only give you energy but keep you hydration and help prevent cell oxidation.

KI  represents the alleged spiritual energy within all human beings. 

WAY represents the journey to our inner energy.

Marko Zaror

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